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Monday, June 12, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hey well, I DO use this blog to pick up really cool sites for you to check out, so here they are. I've put a link on all of their logos. Just click the logo and its magical! Well, I am the Queen of England.

If you like design, design*sponge is an awesome blog. Here is the link:

If you really like random weird art things, like me, Pixelgirlshop is for you.

If you are bored and like fashion and clothes, visit Grechen's Closet.

For random design things that are fun, entertaining, and pretty colors...

For Shannon Hale (the awesomest author ever)'s awesome website..

Fred Flare makes cool, cheap stuff for the fashionistas...but they don't really have a logo so
click here

Elsewheres is like Fred Flare and PixieGirlShop. Their logo hates me. click here


Anonymous shanalyn said...

Hehe, thanks so much for the support sweetie! :-)

Want 10% off your next shop order? email me since you're so cool - orders [at]

7:33 PM  

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