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Saturday, July 15, 2006

i'm back!

i have returned from girl's camp. slightly more sunburned, hotter, and dirtier than when i left...but happy. i promised a full report here, so here goes! these are my 3 Favorite Instances.

so there was like a FLY INFESTATION. and flies EVERYWHERE! and it was driving everyone nuts and so...

1. Aubrey Yorgason became a Deranged Serial Killer for Flies. She was using a cardboard t-shirt form to try and squish them. So Amber Finch goes up to Aubrey and says, "Aubrey, there's a fly on your head." Aubrey's eyes get bigger and bigger. "Really?" She asks. "Ya!" says amber. So right in that second, Aubrey whacks herself on the head with the cardboard while screaming. Oh. My. Gosh. Can you say hilarious?? Better yet, Chelsie got it all on camera. Bwahhahaha.

2. Christina McCarley was enjoying squirting the flies with water. So she's got this squirt bottle. And she comes up to me. She goes, "Isabelle, there's a HUGE BUG on your FOREHEAD!!!" I asked Aubrey and Jaime Larsen and both said there was indeed a huge bug on my forehead. SO i start screaming bloody murder. Christina ever-so-kindly offers to get it off. So she starts squirting my face with the water bottle. Over and over and over as I'm shrieking my head off. Finally when water is just pouring down my face, they all start CRACKING UP. I beat Christina over the head with a clipboard. But it was still hilarious.

This last one is more due to tiredness than flies.

3. I ask people how they are a lot. So I'm sitting with Jaime one of the nights, and I'm like Hi! How are you! And she says, "Hi!" She didn't answer my question, so I'm like, "ANSWER THE QUESTION!" And so jaime goes. "Oh sorry! I'm just WonderBra!" I just stared at her. I'm like..."WonderBra?" We both started laughing SO INCREDIBLY HARD. I was like crying I was laughing so hard.

So that's a little insight into our extreme crazed-by-flies and tiredness. It was fun though. VERY primitive camping, but fun. And no showers. But fun. Did i mention it was fun? But I still swat constantly at invisible flies. It gets me weird looks.

So now I'm very tired, and i have lots of laundry and crap, but I am happy. I love those girls! They are all so hilarious. So yeah! Have a great day! More links coming soon!


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