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Friday, July 28, 2006

pid of stockholm

pid (Personal Interior Design) of Stockholm features amazing furniture finds from, well, Stockholm (that's in Sweden, for those of you who are true americans) (just kidding)! sadly, same rules apply as most of my favorite websites--2 Major Downsides.

1. It is written in Swedish. I think. I don't really speak Swedish. I would assume most of you don't either. Luckily, you can click on the British Flag and get an english translation. Its rather an imperfect translation and difficult to navigate, but better than nothing. 2. The prices are either in Krona (abbreviated SEK) (whatever that is) or Euros. No dolla. Sorry.

Oh, and these are NOT cheap! This table is $1,917,504.41 *choke and die* (i looked up "currency converter" on google)

Still, I think its worth posting. These are top-of-the-line modernist items. How come everybody can do it but America? No fair.


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