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Saturday, July 01, 2006

teen vogue update

yeah, so i just got my Teen Vogue and i am here to update you non-readers on the trends and haute stuff!! first of all, the commercial (not to be confused with Teen Vogue's opinion on the subject) style for the season is black leggings, a denim mini, and a long, tight shirt, with Keds or Converse. Teen Vogue's opinion is that you should opt for funky colorful leggings, plaid or fluffy minis, and baggy shirts, with pumps or wedges. Which you choose is up to you...and your sense of daring. Good luck children. Also, quick n easy daytime makeup is in, so keep it to a minimum, ladies. For nights? Bright colors like purples and greens are haute haute haute. Thanks for reading, we'll keep you up with the latest trends as always.


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