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Friday, October 27, 2006

stupid water

I often post bitterly about stupid wastes of design talent. I am going to continue because it makes me feel better. This continues my trend of Talented Designers that are Obsessed with Water-Related and yet Totally Pointless Designs. Previously shown in the TDOWRTPD were fish bowls and ice cubes. Today's Target: Stupid Water.

Above: Fred Water. I do like the name Fred, but at $1.50 a bottle? That's frickin ridiculous.

Below: 10 Thousand BC. Apparently, they play music to the water to make it taste better. Uh. Ok. It is almost $7 a bottle. HAhahahaha! Yeah right.

Below: Sei. $2.50 a...something that isn't a bottle.

Also:Ogo. With more oxygen in it. So wait, they put more AIR in WATER and its MORE EXPENSIVE. How does that work?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know OGO is now available online:

2:49 PM  

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