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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am a dancah (that's dancer, just imagine the english accent) in the Timpview Colorguard, and we have summer practices every day. So our practice today was so flippin good, and I passed off! I'll be in the Strawberry Days Parade in Pleasant Grove this Saturday. Watch for me! If you catch me in the popcorn drill during the cadence (whoa sorry...if you catch me while only the drums are playing and the colorguard isn't flipping flags so much as sliding them around) i wink to the audience at 2 parts, so you'll feel special. Haha. If you're REALLY lucky, i'll do a toss and hit myself. You can see our picture from fall concert in California where we won first place in every division and every category above...i look like demon-girl, but oh well.


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