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Monday, July 17, 2006


yeah so here's a new site for ya! moderntots is like modern furniture for kids. but really, its not for kids. its for cool adults. and college students. etc. basically any cool people. well anywho, who DOESN'T need one of this adorable mini-poofs for their dorm/apartment? and at $78, they aren't terribly pricey. ok, they're pricey. but not out-of-mind pricey. ok. i retract that last statment. this dresser is $3000. but before you shoot me, remember that tomorrow you could win the lottery and become rich and famous, and then you'll know exactly what dresser you're going to buy. see? i'm doing you a favor. aaggh!! this trundle bed is a dream come true for me. its only $1350! so what its not cheap. i could win the lottery tomorrow too, you know! gosh! you don't have to be so rude about it!

*starts hyperventilating* you really need to look at all the products. they are so dang amazingly amazing, it makes me want to scream and rob blind men off the streets.

oh wait. blind men on the streets don't even have money.



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