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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

finally got internet working!

i've FINALLY got my internet to work. sorry for the wait. i know a lot of you only look at the site for the links and could care less about my life and mental health. you guys can skip this.

so. news while i've been gone?

  • the house nearly burned down twice. (one, a neighborhood kid lighting the lawn on fire, the other, my brother somehow blowing up the power line. including internet cable.)
  • i cleaned my room. took me like forever.
  • i painted my house
  • i almost got cut out of the show for colorguard. But narrowly avoided it.
  • Lesa, our guard advisor, actually COMPLIMENTED me. which is HUGE.
  • I got my learner's permit! Took us 3 hours and I failed the test the first time. but darn right i got it!
  • I canceled our beach camping reservations for the first week of school. :(
  • I got our family business, her bright light, started.
  • i lost my phone, but found it under the couch cushion.
  • i ate an ice-cream sunday.
  • my dog sighed loudly.
  • ok. i'm done.

so yeah! that's what's up! thanks for reading!


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