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Friday, January 19, 2007

outfit of the day

It is currently 16 degrees here. There are around 4 to 8 inches of snow on the ground, but it is blindingly sunny (the sun reflects off the snow and becomes exceptionally bright). Here is my online picks for an outfit of the day to suit it (i wish i owned it):

Why: You can't exactly wear ballet flats, heels, or any sort of sandals in even the thinnest snow, so I always go for shoes with a nice thick rubber bottom. That way they aren't soaked and gross if you happen to walk from the house to the car.

Why: Warm, soft, snuggly, and it matches perfectly. Plus, it'll still let you show off your shirt.
Why: Its not short-sleeved, which is too chilly, but not long-sleeved, so you don't burn up if you sit by the fireplace. Its deliciously soft and SO cute and flattering.

Why: Layering is way in, so do it the cool way with this pretty-yet-bold tank. If red and blue's not your thing, you can edge it up with this same tank in black, soften it in pink, or choose from any of like 10 colors.

Why: Trouser jeans are way Brit-cute and comfy. 'Nuf said!

Why: Its plenty big enough to hold schoolbooks, a laptop, or pretty much whatever you want. Its low-key and easy and cute and stylish.

Why: They match the style of the bag perfectly. The necklace would hang down soo pretty between the top's v-neck where that lucsious red tank top peeks out. And the bracelet is just pretty and coordinating.


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