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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

new iPods!

Its that time of year again, so I'll give you a quickie runthrough of Apple's newest line of products.

iPod Touch


The iPod touch is the iPhone and iPod combined. It has the same look and same touch-screen as the iPhone, with the music capabilities of an iPod. In other words, the iPhone, minus the phone bit. The real selling point is that it comes with WiFi. So you can surf the web and watch movies on your iPod or on Youtube, as well as listen to music. Really very nice, but why wouldn't you just get an iPhone? I personally don't have one yet, so I'm still not sure about the screen dirtiness concerns. It wouldn't fit to my busy and messy lifestyle. In 8 and 16 gig memory amounts, and black only.

The New Nano


The newest iPod nano has a much larger screen and plays movies! It is the same price range as the old ones, only now it is in 4 and 8 gig models, instead of 2 and 4. A much better price, and the movie thing is a definite plus, although you can only put one or two videos on it at the time, which lessens the function considerably. Still, it'd be fun, and since its no more expensive, I'm not too critical. I'm not loving the new colors nearly as much as the old ones, but you can get it in this turquoise, melon green, black, silver, and maroonish (the Project Red version)

The shuffle hasn't changed much or at all, as far as I can tell, so I'm not featuring that. They have it in some new colors I don't like as much.



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