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Sunday, May 13, 2007


i've hand-picked all these shoes for style, comfort, and spring-and-summer season. so you can walk in all of them, they're all the height of fashion, and they all work for spring and/or summer.

these marc jacobs jelly flats are TO DIE FOR. available in opaque red and black and transparent black, pink, and yellow.
$155, Barney's New York for all but opaque red. For opaque red, call (617) 425-0707.

yes your feet might get sweaty in them, but such is the price of beauty. you could always wear peds anyways.

these are Belle by Sigerson Morrison patent leather slingback sandals. The little mini-wedge heel is supere-dans.
$290, Sigerson Morrison.

DV by Dolce Vita "Tubby" Sandals. I LOVE THESE. Unfortunately, I have fat toes and I couldn't shove my feet into them. Really, I tried and I bruised my pinky toe; its still purple. So don't try them if you have fat toes; you may sustain injury.
$50, Nordstrom.

Dolce Vida peeptoe patent-leather flats. I'm not digging the side-cut, but it is very in. It doesn't look very comfy.
$95, Nordstrom.

These BC Skimmers are a bit odd, but they're very versatile; they look great with jeans for everyday or with a skirt, shorts, or capris. Plus, they're a BARGAIN AND A HALF!!!
$40, Nordstrom.

Lacoste Skimmers are super chic, and comfy. These are perfect for light sporting or casual daywear.
$134, Nordstrom


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No, no, no. It IS pink, but it is NOT brown.

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