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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


greeting card and stationary companies seemed to enjoy trying to come up with the strangest names. they seem to have an inexplicable obsession with eggs. there is uncooked (which, by the way, have absolutely, positively hilarious cards and stories, and you get to "click on the bag of pecans to enter") and egg press (whose things are really quite lovely).

The picture on top is Egg Press, uncooked has a terrible clever website that won't let me copy images to paste on here.

Eggs are an amazing food--a complete protein in every chicken fetus covered in nourishing slime!

I have also noted a strange fascination worldwide with ninjas. Perhaps it is that both are strange words that are fun to say and write and equally strange uses.

Will investigate further.

Friday, October 27, 2006

promise design

a re-post from Designer's Block. Sorry but I couldn't resist.......I want EVERYTHING from their kitchenware collection.......ah!
promise design

stupid water

I often post bitterly about stupid wastes of design talent. I am going to continue because it makes me feel better. This continues my trend of Talented Designers that are Obsessed with Water-Related and yet Totally Pointless Designs. Previously shown in the TDOWRTPD were fish bowls and ice cubes. Today's Target: Stupid Water.

Above: Fred Water. I do like the name Fred, but at $1.50 a bottle? That's frickin ridiculous.

Below: 10 Thousand BC. Apparently, they play music to the water to make it taste better. Uh. Ok. It is almost $7 a bottle. HAhahahaha! Yeah right.

Below: Sei. $2.50 a...something that isn't a bottle.

Also:Ogo. With more oxygen in it. So wait, they put more AIR in WATER and its MORE EXPENSIVE. How does that work?


I just bought one of these pom pom dimmers because i thought they were so flipping awesome. Oh but haha, I got it for $20 instead of $100. I am so good! I personally detest their website. But their stuff is so cute.

her bright light open for business

been wondering where i've been?? check it out.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

taking a cat nap

I'm going on tour with the band, no time to post, I'll be back on Monday. Everybody have a great weekend. ;)

Friday, October 13, 2006

wingardium leviosa!

and in my final post of the day, we see wingard home.

ice cubes

what is it with talented designers and water?? half of them go off and design fishbowls, and the other half design ice cubes. don't get me wrong, i like ice cubes. these are even really CUTE ice cubes. but they are ice cubes. if i were a professional designer i would probably want to design something with a little more impact than ice cubes.

still, i like these ice cubes really a lot.

pictures: top to bottom
a. reusable ice cube type ice cubes, lakeland limited.
b. red plastic ice cubes, cb2.
c. lego ice cubes, lego.


these are a few of my favorite things....non-minimalist! at last! the trend is still here, hurray for rebellious...uh...trend-rebellers.

above: ceramic lamp, bodie and fou

below: sink basin, kohler.

below: anti-minimalist piece of artwork by Geoff Kleem. i'd tell you the name of the piece but he's Austrian and sadly I don't have Austrian characters on my keyboard.

i don't have that

well i don't.

thank you, thank you

thanks to kstyle for the positive commentary. i'm glad someone likes my sad, pathetic little blog about my sad, pathetic little life. heehee. i hope it isn't hideously boring and that you find entertaining, interesting posts that aren't repeats of the same thing over and over again.

i also hope you like the new look. it took me pretty much 3 years to decide on colors, sizes, and fonts...

in other news: new stuff in above posts : )

Thursday, October 12, 2006


i. hate. their. website. it drives me completely insane. but their stuff..that's a different story altogether! they have wall decals and a line in notNeutral.

another fishbowl

look, another overpriced, underfunctional, fishbowl. don't these talented designers have something better to do than design fishbowls?

new from anthropologie

one of the most beautiful stores i have ever seen, anthropologie never fails to please. if everything i owned came from anthropologie, i would be happy.

floating furniture

"ghost", "floating", and "shadow" furniture (read: extreme minimalism) has been in for ages, but (sadly, for me) it shows no signs of going "out" anytime soon. which really is quite unfortunate, for me, the minimalist-hater. above: floating bed and chair without legs, bernstein design.

strange shower-pipe-inclusive tiles (I don't know what they are called because their website really confuses me), Studio JSR

edison lamp, anthropologie.

wall-hung goldfish

have a wall hung goldfish. i mean, why not?? i personally think it is gorgeous but impractical--how do you clean it? its uh, german and 80 euros which is abou $86. Quite a lot for a fishbowl, really...

tokidoki for lesportsac

tokidoki for lesportsac. i love, love, love. included are citta print (below), citta rosa print (above), foresta print (below citta), and solid colored (below jungle). all are made of nylon with a tokidoki qee (the cute little key chain guy).

glitter spill in buttonland kills 20

a recent glitter spill in buttonland stranded 20 buttons this morning. says reporter jonathan aniston, "A Glitter International truck tipped over on to 20 helpless passersby, killing 10 instantly and 10 more later from Glitter Inhalation. It is really a great tragedy." A nearby spool of gold thread got away physically unharmed, but psychologically scarred from the incident.