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Saturday, July 29, 2006

plum party

plum party has the awesomest party essentials. and their french bull collection is extremely popular. check it out!

new finds from old friends

i cited uncommon goods way long ago, but they've got a million new things since then! just look at these awesome lamps.

urban outfitters has also acquired many awesome new things. bright colors? happy designs? incredibly low price? all of the above!

Friday, July 28, 2006

pid of stockholm

pid (Personal Interior Design) of Stockholm features amazing furniture finds from, well, Stockholm (that's in Sweden, for those of you who are true americans) (just kidding)! sadly, same rules apply as most of my favorite websites--2 Major Downsides.

1. It is written in Swedish. I think. I don't really speak Swedish. I would assume most of you don't either. Luckily, you can click on the British Flag and get an english translation. Its rather an imperfect translation and difficult to navigate, but better than nothing. 2. The prices are either in Krona (abbreviated SEK) (whatever that is) or Euros. No dolla. Sorry.

Oh, and these are NOT cheap! This table is $1,917,504.41 *choke and die* (i looked up "currency converter" on google)

Still, I think its worth posting. These are top-of-the-line modernist items. How come everybody can do it but America? No fair.

new Pier 1 line

pier 1 has a new line called Loft 21. its VERY hip, modern, and urban. on the pricey side, but not too bad. you know, the usual Pier 1 prices. i like it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

obsessions with apples

i am seeing an obession with apple prints. i just thought i'd let you know: the new trend is apples.


i dislike minimalism as well, and this image is a perfect example of it done BADLY. do it right with domino magazine's july/august issue of the "alice in wonderland" house. pictures not available online because of copyrights; sorry.

louis ghost chair

this louis ghost armchair is, admittedly, the most popular chair of the moment. i personally dislike it with a passion. its expensive ($334), doesn't look comfortable, and i don't really like the style all that much. but its popular, and trendy. so YOU can like it.

but i won't like you. just kidding.


back from el wildernesso. hangin out with cool carolina. haha. bored. yes. wilderness=:D yea yea that's what i'm sayin. ok i'm pretty tired so i'm going to stop babbling now.

Monday, July 24, 2006

gone fishin'

gone wilderness camping. will return Friday, July 28th. no computers out in wilderness, sorry.

nothing to do with design, either, for that matter.

bring you back a leaf, k? enjoy life.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


delia's has got SUPER cute sheets n furniture and its not too 'spensive. cute clothes too.

new design blogs

decor8 is a fresh design blog. its not as good as mine, but its still pretty good. lol.

M. Patrizio is also a cool design blog. Its hilarious. The writer is really very funny.


i can't belive i haven't cited anthropologie yet. they are the best of vintage antique. and we heart them.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

the perfect summer outfit

i went and got you the perfect summer outfit. i am not going to tell you where to find anything, because i want you to create your own--but here's your inspiration.

1. Cool Bag. get a nice, roomy, adorable, simple bag.
2. Get Garnier Fructis Surf Hair texturizing paste. You can get it for $3 at Wal-Mart, and rub a little between to fingers and into your hair, and poof! perfect surf hair.
3. Dark-wash, low-rise, boot-cut jeans. You want 'em long, dark, and handsome. As comfy as you can get. And loose-fitting, no super-tight jeans for you!
4. A hooded polo. you can cheat and have a regular polo, if you really want. just get a nice, comfy polo.

and PooF! you look the picture of summer. oh, and add some bronzer, mascara, glittery gold eye shadow, Gap Lip Slip and some flip-flops with buttons glued on the straps.

your welcome.

Friday, July 21, 2006

just the usual

i'd like to inform you all of a highly important event. not 2 minutes ago i picked up 2 Reese's Pieces candies. As most people do, I meant to eat them. Somehow en route from tray to mouth both Reese's Pieces got wildly out of control and flung themselves at my forehead. Both Reese's Pieces connected with my forehead and then fell to the ground, where the dog proceeded to eat them.

It was one of the oddest experiences of my life.

lucha workshop

lucha workshop has got to have the COOLEST and CHEAPEST bags i've ever seen...not to mention have GOT to check it out.

as an added plus, their hilarious blog is absolutely..hilarious. no kidding!! make it a daily read because folks, you can't miss this.

[disclaimer: thank you to buss buss for supplying me this information. i apologize to those of you who read buss buss and therefore are seeing double. it was just too good to pass up..what can i say. once again, my apologies!]

new from johnny cupcakes

these johnny cupcakes necklaces are absolutely amazing. at $135, we're not talking cheap. but its basically the COOLEST fashion statement i've ever seen. buy it as a self-random-day-present. come on, don't tell me you haven't heard of self-random-day-presents!! gasp!!

ok, i haven't either. but still...i want one.

william sonoma kitchen must-haves

william sonoma has come up with some great summer must-haves, such as these ice cream sandwich molds. but that's not all-there are a ton of cute new kitchen essentials. check it out!

modern seed

you know what's funny? right after i posted "seeing seeds", i found a website named Modern Seed! its very similar to moderntots except less cool. I know...then why am i posting it? Because lots of people probably can't quite commit to moderntots incredibly revolutionary design and are more comfortable with still modern, still cool, and unfortunately still pricey, but much less unusual designs. soo yeah! here you go!


will you do me a favor and click here? does that load really, really, really slowly for you/at all? please post! i need to know if my website is working. thanks.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


note to self: do not attempt crazy dance-moves on hardwood floor in socks. results likely to be painful.

i just HAD to try a tour-je-té, didn't i. killed my ankle. ow. stupid self. *slap slap*

seeing seeds

lately i've been seeing a lot of seeds around in the design world. the themes of growth, seed, and eco-friendly seem to be in style. for example, these herb egglings from Wrapables.

or these egg candles, also from wrapables.

this seed hanging lamp is absolutely marvolous, if you ask me.

lastly, these lightseed candle holders are positively to-die-for and you can get them for only $12!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my apologies

i'm sorry everyone but my posts may become a little more scarce in the future! i've taken on rather a large web design project. you can check my progress right here. in the meantime, i'll try and post but don't expect too much! thanks everyone and have a great night!

Monday, July 17, 2006

big big sales

chiasso, a previously mentioned amazing italian designer, is having a ginormous sale. markdowns of like, 75%. you don't want to miss this! these watering cans are marked down from $28 to $14. and that's just an example.

fred flare is also having 50% off sales.


yeah so here's a new site for ya! moderntots is like modern furniture for kids. but really, its not for kids. its for cool adults. and college students. etc. basically any cool people. well anywho, who DOESN'T need one of this adorable mini-poofs for their dorm/apartment? and at $78, they aren't terribly pricey. ok, they're pricey. but not out-of-mind pricey. ok. i retract that last statment. this dresser is $3000. but before you shoot me, remember that tomorrow you could win the lottery and become rich and famous, and then you'll know exactly what dresser you're going to buy. see? i'm doing you a favor. aaggh!! this trundle bed is a dream come true for me. its only $1350! so what its not cheap. i could win the lottery tomorrow too, you know! gosh! you don't have to be so rude about it!

*starts hyperventilating* you really need to look at all the products. they are so dang amazingly amazing, it makes me want to scream and rob blind men off the streets.

oh wait. blind men on the streets don't even have money.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

design repeats

between design*sponge, buss buss, and outblush, i am seeing a TON of repeats! it really gets on my nerves! apparently there's nothing new in design. because no one can even come up with their own mini-trends or products! aagh! so sorr that i am a part of this repeating cycle. i'll try and do better, i swear.

"so sexy"...for girls only!

victoria's secret So Sexy shampoo and conditioner is absolutely, amazingly, divine. Aubrey used it at camp, and she fell into a freakin lake and STILL smelled amazing. It is an AWESOME SMELL. It doesn't wear off. Even if you haven't had a shower in 5 days and you just fell into a lake, you smell good. I mean, who does that?!

i'm back!

i have returned from girl's camp. slightly more sunburned, hotter, and dirtier than when i left...but happy. i promised a full report here, so here goes! these are my 3 Favorite Instances.

so there was like a FLY INFESTATION. and flies EVERYWHERE! and it was driving everyone nuts and so...

1. Aubrey Yorgason became a Deranged Serial Killer for Flies. She was using a cardboard t-shirt form to try and squish them. So Amber Finch goes up to Aubrey and says, "Aubrey, there's a fly on your head." Aubrey's eyes get bigger and bigger. "Really?" She asks. "Ya!" says amber. So right in that second, Aubrey whacks herself on the head with the cardboard while screaming. Oh. My. Gosh. Can you say hilarious?? Better yet, Chelsie got it all on camera. Bwahhahaha.

2. Christina McCarley was enjoying squirting the flies with water. So she's got this squirt bottle. And she comes up to me. She goes, "Isabelle, there's a HUGE BUG on your FOREHEAD!!!" I asked Aubrey and Jaime Larsen and both said there was indeed a huge bug on my forehead. SO i start screaming bloody murder. Christina ever-so-kindly offers to get it off. So she starts squirting my face with the water bottle. Over and over and over as I'm shrieking my head off. Finally when water is just pouring down my face, they all start CRACKING UP. I beat Christina over the head with a clipboard. But it was still hilarious.

This last one is more due to tiredness than flies.

3. I ask people how they are a lot. So I'm sitting with Jaime one of the nights, and I'm like Hi! How are you! And she says, "Hi!" She didn't answer my question, so I'm like, "ANSWER THE QUESTION!" And so jaime goes. "Oh sorry! I'm just WonderBra!" I just stared at her. I'm like..."WonderBra?" We both started laughing SO INCREDIBLY HARD. I was like crying I was laughing so hard.

So that's a little insight into our extreme crazed-by-flies and tiredness. It was fun though. VERY primitive camping, but fun. And no showers. But fun. Did i mention it was fun? But I still swat constantly at invisible flies. It gets me weird looks.

So now I'm very tired, and i have lots of laundry and crap, but I am happy. I love those girls! They are all so hilarious. So yeah! Have a great day! More links coming soon!

Monday, July 10, 2006

gone to camp

i'm off to girls camp! i love you all! be back saturday!

african pygmy hedghog

so my friend is breeding her hedgehog...and she isn't allowed to sell the babies except for 2 to pet stores...and so...she's giving one to me!!! i am so excited. i am saving up for a beautiful cage, toys, etc and a little money as a "gift" to caroline. i really want a Chocolate Chip colored one! (that's a real thing, the male one she's breeding is a Chocolate Chip). I'm excited. I won't get one till next year or something but still..yes!


dynomighty is the greatest new thing since computers. well, close anyways. it is totally custom jewlery MADE FROM MAGNETS. i am not even kidding! these are incredibly strong, durable magnets. what is cooler than that? the only downside....oh, its pricey. jewlery ranges from $40-150 and wallets are $20-25. all things considered, its not TOO bad, right?

new products from pixelgirlshop

pixelgirlshop has been coming out with some great funky new products. these rainy day earrings are totally cute and will brighten every rainy day!

colorful candy bracelets are vintage and modern at the same time. they basically rock.

because i'm so nice, i've decided to share my secret discount code with you! use the code Design10 and get 10% off your next purchase. aren't i the sweetest?

fokus fabrik

fokus fabrik is a great place to get unusual scandinavian fabrics. this is a repeat of design*sponge's review, i do apologize for those of you who read both blogs and get the occassional repeats. i promise to find something of my own too!


yeah so today was the first day of fall guard sectionals!! we are getting pretty blue vests and i'm excited :) and we did lotsa cool dancey stuff and i won the Traveling Sashay contest! haha! except I didn't beat the captains. but i beat everyone else! i'm excited. i also got my Honors 10 English summer reading and packet...*growl*...its The Oddessey (haha. i can't even spell it. how'd i get into this class again??) . Not too bad i don't think. Well, let me find you some happy design/fashion/music/movie stuff and then I've gotta go! i'll be gone to Girls Camp until Saturday. Toodles!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

jane austen

as i peel the heels off my feet and shake the curls from my hair, i wonder if anyone has ever got the chance to spend 7 hours in 18th Century England. I did! I went to a jane austen birthday party. Have YOU ever tried to play badmitten in heels, a dress, and hair all curly? Don't. But it was fun...I had a REALLY good time. It was Caralee's 17th, for those of you who know her. :) well its midnight thirty so i'll be back later...

Friday, July 07, 2006


pink and brown are officially the new "it colors". all of the following products are from Target and illustrate the different ways of doing pink and brown in your home.

do pink and brown with whimsy with this Swell Pom Pom lamp.

do pink and brown art deco with this deco vase.

go boho with this wall clock.

go contemporary with these modern candles.

be classic with this dashes rug.

pirates of the carribean: dead man's chest review

pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest is amazing. in every way it is a good movie. it is suspenseful, humorous, and totally sucks you in. you get to look at pretty people the whole time. you get some cool accents and...interesting...outfits. it was SO GREAT. even at 3 am. you should see it. now.

opening showing of PIRATES!

i just got back from the opening showing of pirates. it rocked. amazingly. more later, its 4 am. lol. g'night all.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

screwball tableware

screwball nesting bowls, above, are sooo cute! all screwball tablewear is adorable. while they don't have their own website, you can get some of it at wrapables and some at other websites. its so dang cute! gotta love it. yeah, its pricey. but we can dream!


wrapables is a grand gifting website. Can you say CUTE STUFF?! *scree!* A bit on the pricey side, but aren't your girlfriends worth it? Me thinks, yes.

fall show

we got the music for our fall show today, and it is REALLY cool this year!!

pirates of the carribean: dead man's chest

it comes out Thursday! I am SO EXCITED! enjoy the trailer.....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"rejected" short film

"REJECTED" produced by Bitter Filmd screenplay by Don Hertzfeld, is rather funny and terribly random. It is simply cartoon stick-figure animation of a vaguely disturbing, but funny, and random sort. The video is divided into segments, each an "ad" for the Family Learning Channel or some Home Products. I will Rate and Review each segment below. 5 stars being best, 1 star being worst.


G rated g for general audiences. 5 stars I give it five stars for funny randomness.


G rated g for general audiences. 5 stars It is also funny randomness. Vaguely disturbing too.


PG rated pg for cartoon violence. 4 starsEVEN MORE FUNNY RANDOMNESS! But more violent.


PG-13 rated pg-13 for cartoon violence and mild language. 2 stars Funny, but rather pointless.


PG-13 rated pg-13 for graphic cartoon blood. 2 stars Funny, but the violence takes away from it.


PG rated pg for very mild cartoon violence and mild language. 4 stars You gotta admit, its hilarious.


PG-13 rated pg-13 for cartoon violence and graphic cartoon blood and gore. 0 starsIts dumb. Skip it.


PG rated pg for mild cartoon violence and very mild language. 3 Stars Funny funny.


PG-13 rated pg-13 for cartoon blood and gore. 0 Stars I do not like this one. Turn off the sound and switch to a different window while it runs.


G rated g for general audiences. 2 stars for randomness but not THAT funny.


PGrated pg for mildly disturbing images. 5 stars i like this part. makes me laugh hard.

Thanks for reading the review! NOW YOU KNOW. I would watch it and just skip the parts you don't wanna see.

rare device

rare device is a lovely website featuring cool things for you and your home. its not my new favorite website. its rather similar to some other websites i've posted previously. but still, it is good. and there are SOME good deals on it. as i said, not my favorite. but it'll do, pig, it'll do.

happy fourth!

hey there folks. i hope you all enjoyed the fourth of july parade. there was a quarter of a million people there and i performed for them all. literally, a quarter of a million. it was a really good parade, we all did really well. it was SUPER fun, much more so than they usually are! so yup yup. happy fourth. i'll try to get you some more links soon!

Monday, July 03, 2006


umbra is "the leading creator of casual contemporary looks for the home". to them i say, whatever. but they do have REALLY cool stuff! sadly us here in utah have no suppliers. HOWEVER: ohemgee willyalookatthat, there's an online store! yes! [sorry i'm feeling rather hyper and sleep- and food- deprived at moment]but REALLY don't like how the online store is set up. beef and cheese is what is reminds me of. not a good look. stupid ikea either, but one's coming. i'm hungry.

last rehearsal of the season...

yep, that's right, today's was the last rehearsal of the season! i did really well and i was happy. happy happy. big 4th of july parade is tomorrow! whoo hooottt!! yessirreee bob tacular!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

bob's your uncle

an unlikely name for office products, you say? bob's your uncle specializes in unusual products for your home, office, and papers. bob's your uncle is an english phrase meaning, "life is good" or "you're all set" or even "no problem". bob's your uncle sounds hilarious and looks good too!

see jane work

see jane work is the perfect website for back-to-school or in the office. office products at their stylishness, see jane work features these jonathon alder notebooks, and things like kate spade pencils, pink staplers, etc. have a ball at see jane work!

block party

yeah, so last night's block party ROCKED. everyone and their dog was there. literally. but my friends were only there for a few hours and then they had to go :( so i was lonely for awhile. but yup yup. it was good.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

bag lady

i saw this gap tote and i just about died and went to heaven. its perfect for school books or long walks on the beach. an added plus, its $40!! yes!

teen vogue update

yeah, so i just got my Teen Vogue and i am here to update you non-readers on the trends and haute stuff!! first of all, the commercial (not to be confused with Teen Vogue's opinion on the subject) style for the season is black leggings, a denim mini, and a long, tight shirt, with Keds or Converse. Teen Vogue's opinion is that you should opt for funky colorful leggings, plaid or fluffy minis, and baggy shirts, with pumps or wedges. Which you choose is up to you...and your sense of daring. Good luck children. Also, quick n easy daytime makeup is in, so keep it to a minimum, ladies. For nights? Bright colors like purples and greens are haute haute haute. Thanks for reading, we'll keep you up with the latest trends as always.


hmph. the parade was ok, it was really short, the colorguard didn't do very well but it was ok. then i was all excited for this humongous and elaborate block party that we're having, and who should show up but my EVIL STEPFATHER. i'm dying. now where, oh where, is my prince charming?