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Friday, June 30, 2006

faux grass

a new type of decor i've been seeing a lot of is faux grass. at Papaya and Company, a homewares store that sadly has no website, they have large plastic squares of grass with ribbon around the edges, and strewn with faux flowers and candles it looks really good. you can also make Astro-Turf into a bulletin board, and with bright pins, it looks cute. who knew grass could be so chic?

"i want you to get out there and look like drunken mermaid whores!"

that was lesa. she was trying to illustrate a point, i'm well band was good/awful. jon killed his ankle, which means i have to kill him, which is unfortunate. but we had a fun rehearsal. oh, and then ike, one of our asian trombones, got hit by a frikkin truck. but other than that, i'm great! *twitch twitch*

Thursday, June 29, 2006

race car willy

i just thought you might want to know my cousin william is a race car. he told me so. he's also 2. but he takes off on this little mini-bike down the street, and he's out of site before i realize, and so iam freakin out, right? so i grab the nearest vehicle--a scooter--so I take off down the street after him. it was freakin hilarious. yeah. and my 6-month-old cousin thinks i'm an imposter. its unfortunate.

band kids are so crazy...

yeah so we had a band breakfast today!! it was fun. highly exciting. life sucks when your spoon is too big. that's all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a single flower

you may not realize how amazing a single flower can be in a decorative sense. seen above, is a simple juice glass from ikea, which can be purchased at $4.50 for 6, and a simple wildflower picked from a garden. try it yourself-its cheap, quick, easy, and beautiful.

uncommon goods

hey--lookit what i found! uncommon goods has lots of fun and unusual accessories for the home. a bit pricey, but not bad. these juice glasses, seen above, are adorable!

confessions of a shop-a-holic

isabelle is a naughty child. i spent $62 in 90 minutes. oh dear. well, my job owes me $120. so i'm not TOO bad. right??

well, i did get some really good stuff! that's ok, right? because i got good stuff!!


the fashion institute of design and merchandising now has a Fashion Club!! fashion club. com is a cool website with entertaining stuff. check it out yo!


well rehearsal was bipolar. i didn't too terribly well (or so i thought at the time), but we practiced turning, and in order to do the turn right i was lliterally leaping about while doing choreography. it was hilarious. i loved it. and i'm eating watermelon. mmm.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


have trouble finding gifts for people? has lots of great gifts. i love the Miss Army Kit!! it is JUST what any girl needs.

western bag craze XD

that bag is from NORDSTROM. what happened to cute, colorful, whimsical bags like pink Dooney and Bourkes and pathwork Coaches and striped Kate Spade?? Why WESTERN? uuuugggllllyy...that's all i can say. ugly.


LUSH handmade cosmetics are awesome. we're talking AWESOME. like beyond-belief cool. they're a very slight bit pricey, but you can get them on Amazon for not terribly much. and I personally think its worth it. and with hilarious titles like, "waving not drowning" and "honey i washed the kids", how cool can you get? because they are handmade, they aren't particularly consisent, so just be forewarned. yours may not look exactly like the picture.

[in america? go straight to the american version here.]

Craft Things

by the makers of little odd forest, we bring you CRAFThings !! huzzah! prices aren't bad, and its useful if you don't have a great craft store close by.

"you know how this is mormonland? well that's fatland."

good ol' caroline...good times, good times. well life is okee dokee at the moment. colorguard is allright, methinks i am passed off for the children's and fourth paradses. I dunno if I'm going to go to lagoon with the band, though...I'm quite a bit tired of Lagoon. Once you grow up in Disneyland, everything seems seedy by comparison. Anyways...yup yup...that's about it. I'm going to go to Color Me Mine with Caroline to paint things. Oh! Yesterday, I got NEW JEANS at Nordstrom! *is excited* yup well...that's about it...oh and i have to work later...ugh *is not excited*....

Monday, June 26, 2006

lily allen

lily allen isn't design, and she's not even fashion. but she's music and i love her. not for the faint of heart, don't listen to her if you have issues with the f-word (although its not like she cusses a lot, just says it a few times) (and for that matter, english people say the f-word like we say crap. so don't judge!) or the vengeful topic. but she makes me smile...

[this is a very feminist song. you boys probably won't appreciate it. but'll make you smile... ]

little odd forest

look! pins made to look like...trees! little odd forest rocks my socks off. Go look. None of the usual language barriers there! Hurrah!

licia martelli architetto

licia martelli makes the awesomest ceramics ever. Downsides: 1. Its all in Italian. 2. There aren't any prices, or shopping carts, or wish lists, as far as I can translate. ... But its worth it to check it out! I promise!

"my sister's making banana bread." "but does it have eyes in it?"

hahahahahaha. tina and amanda...gotta love 'em...ya so band was good, 'cept i couldn't breathe and got REALLY dizzy and it was just weird..but other than that...yup yup. uneventfulness. whoopee.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

dude, you totally harshed my mellow...

lehi parade was good. hot, and tiring, but good. i was ahead of my left guide a few times *gulp*...but it was good, good. then i tried to make brownies. so i preheat the oven, right. then i smell this horrible smell. i open the oven.."ALLRIGHT. WHO'S THE GENIUS THAT PUT THE BREAD IN ITS PLASTIC BAG IN THE OVEN?!"..oh, wait, that's shoot. i put it there to remind me to warm it up for dinner. dang it! so, get this-i used the cheese grater to remove the plastic from the bread, and then i gave it to my family as if it was perfectly fine. we also went to the car-wash and decided to see what the "bug-off" button actually did (after of course, we had washed and rinsed the car) and discovered it was some sort of bug-cleaning solution. so we went home and washed the car again. are we smart or what? i swear, my life should be a reality tv show.

ikea '07 sneak peek

look at this storage unit, due to come out with Ikea in '07!! i am DYING for it.'re one of a select few who know about it. feel special.

repro deprot

Repro Depot fabrics are awesome, beautiful, and unique. Check them out!


sorry, i forgot to post yesterday. and i've been slacking off with new websites! gasp! well, i can't fix that now. i've got a parade in a half hour. lehi. fun. joyous. well, yesterday was weird anyways. i just sort of did stuff, but didn't accomplish anything. and watched School of Rock. Its a good movie. I like it. So yup yup. Hurrah.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

perfect practice makes perfect...

rehearsal was SO fun today! we actually performed in between giant rolls of sod. It was awesome, I LOVE doing that kind of thing! Rehearsal tomorrow is canceled (saw that coming. he did that last year.) so i can actually DO things. Hurrah! I should be cleaning my room now. But I'm not. Haha! I win.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


go to Sloganizer! its hilarious. here are my responses:

"God made meow mix."

"Don't get in the way of meow mix"

"You better get your meow mix out."

"The meow mix way of life."

"Oh my gods, it's a meow mix."

"When you say meow mix you've said it all."

"meow mix. The power on your side"

"For the love of meow mix."

"meow mix. See more. Do more."

Ahahahahaha! I love it.

[my day was good, by the way. boring. mock-disaster for mutual was fun. yup. colorguard good but painful. that's about it.]


for all o' you chicks with sticks or yarn harlots, here we bring you Knitty! . We Love Knitty! We love Knitty! Don't forget to pick up a chicks with sticks t-shirt and a hardcore bumper sticker.

johnny cupcakes

my new favorite site! (ok! i say that every time! but this time i mean it!) Johnny Cupcakes combines cupcakes and skulls into clothing! How cool is that?!

great expectations..

isabelle has great expectations for the future! maren from washington is coming to visit, and i'm excited! and there seems to be happy money in the future, if i can get my t-shirts and things to take off i think everything will be just so totally fabulous! yes! i'm excited! : )

french touche

French Touche is my new favorite website. I love all of their stuff! Its worth the 3 Major Downsides: 1. Its all in french. So i hope you speak french. 2. The prices are all in Euros 3. Its very pricey. So good luck with that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

life is fairly good. band went very well, except for the annoying game we played which involved immeasurable amounts of stairs *groan*...then we had some annoying pot-smokers to get rid of, and then i worked, which was fine because the horses were all really lethargic in the heat. and oliver has a game later. so ya. life is...comme ci, comme ca. eh..

urban outfitters

hey, look...i found yet more fabulous furniture! Urban Outfitters ROCKS. They have such cool stuff...just do yourself a favor and don't look at the books, ok?

Monday, June 19, 2006

ants, pants, and the hula dance..

that's right. ant infestation! must bomb. the downside to cupboards without doors? finding a place for everything where it won't be covered in poison! ya! REAL SIMPLE didn't mention THAT! gosh! haha. well anyways, about PANTS, i don't have any. i need to go shopping. just in case you were wondering. and the hula dance? well, i'll be in the Lehi parade. joyousness.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


thanks to shanalyn for a discount with pixelgirlshop! they rock, all, go check them out. they're in my links section. i love them. i want to sell things to them. bwahahahaha...we're in! we're in, guys, we're in!


the pleasant grove parade went pretty good, not as good as it could have but i survived. my saturday was pretty boring, which is why i didn't post. so ya. whoopee.

Friday, June 16, 2006

peek keep

I've found yet another great new site! Peek Keep is an awesome scandinavian designer. And its not even THAT expensive! Yes!

i heart my friends :)

hehe...i had fun today. band was good, getting ready for the parade tomorrow...then me and jon and megan and mike z. hung out. twas fun, first we just sat around at jon's house, and then we went mini-golfing, where the guy thought we were on a date, lol...then megan had to go home :(...but we went back to jon's house and made really really thin brownies (which was partially my fault) and watched Big Fish. Twas fun. so..ya...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


my new favorite furniture is chiasso ! chiasso is italian modern furniture at its best. pricey, but worth it.

some people's kids...

*yawn* don't get me wrong. i love kids. especially the kids in my family. but, its like bomb-proof babysitter isabelle. i mean, sure, i'll baby sit your two-year-old terror. your six-month old baby. your 9 kids. sure. for free, for a buck, for a hundred bucks, whatever. ah, but sometimes its so TIRING! to all you parents, i do not know HOW you do it. congrats to parents. call me anytime, and i'll babysit...but i'll just be glad i'm not you.

over the hedge

band today was fabulous! we had a movie day! that's right...we ran, right to some -surprise!- buses, and hopped on. They proceeded to take us to a movie theater that hadn't opened yet, and we watched over the hedge! i love band. its a really good movie, i loved it. people said hammy was a lot like me. "i like cookie!" i loved the persian cat: "his face was so beautiful, he could hardly breathe!" "this face was meant for beauty. i cannot smell." go see it! its hilarious.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

timpview's in a magazine!

utah-dwellers, turn your Freedom Festival magazine to page 53, the children's'll see a lovely picture of the timpview band's sousamaphones! hurrah! its a terribly flattering picture, to be certain.


i've found a wonderful new site! Outblush is a fabulous shopping site. I love it!

A Better Way to Shop

Hey, all y'all online shoppers out there, you can shop for a cause! Mad Imports, featured above, is one of those great websites whose profits go to charity. These particular handbag profits go to Ethiopia and Kenya.

Alternative Outfitters is cruelty-free and vegan online shopping. While not the most fashionable, you can search and find some good stuff.

Novica is an online store made by National Geographic for international products to benefit everybody. Their products definetly show where they came from...

Viva Terra, which means living earth is one of those "pure natural" stores.

Where we park-ed the buss-a...

Guard went well today, too...hurrah. But i got locked out of the house. Hmm, sorry that I have no new links...I'm working on coming up with some good stuff for all y'all. Have a great day. And comment for me!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am a dancah (that's dancer, just imagine the english accent) in the Timpview Colorguard, and we have summer practices every day. So our practice today was so flippin good, and I passed off! I'll be in the Strawberry Days Parade in Pleasant Grove this Saturday. Watch for me! If you catch me in the popcorn drill during the cadence (whoa sorry...if you catch me while only the drums are playing and the colorguard isn't flipping flags so much as sliding them around) i wink to the audience at 2 parts, so you'll feel special. Haha. If you're REALLY lucky, i'll do a toss and hit myself. You can see our picture from fall concert in California where we won first place in every division and every category above...i look like demon-girl, but oh well.

Monday, June 12, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hey well, I DO use this blog to pick up really cool sites for you to check out, so here they are. I've put a link on all of their logos. Just click the logo and its magical! Well, I am the Queen of England.

If you like design, design*sponge is an awesome blog. Here is the link:

If you really like random weird art things, like me, Pixelgirlshop is for you.

If you are bored and like fashion and clothes, visit Grechen's Closet.

For random design things that are fun, entertaining, and pretty colors...

For Shannon Hale (the awesomest author ever)'s awesome website..

Fred Flare makes cool, cheap stuff for the fashionistas...but they don't really have a logo so
click here

Elsewheres is like Fred Flare and PixieGirlShop. Their logo hates me. click here


Ignore the cream cheese post. I have problems. Anyways, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Blogging is really-super-totally fun. You should try it. There are lots of fun blogs out there about different things. Meow Mix is me...isabelle. I'm the queen of england. This is my blog about my life, feelings, happiness...and a collection of really cool links to things I love. Enjoy life!

Cream Cheese

i really like bagels, but only if they have cream cheese. I like the jam cream cheese and the cinnamon and sugar. Yummy.